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How learners and New drivers can drive down the cost of cover 


After you have done your driving lessons and passed your driving test now you are ready to get on the road

Provisional licence drivers often face some of the steepest car insurance costs because they are considered high risk by insurance companies.

This is hardly surprising.Car insurance companies calculate premiums based on risk, so those who have very limited experience behind the wheel are considered to be among the most likely to be involved in an accident and to make a claim, which is why they have to pay expensive premiums. You will a better chance of finding the cheapest car insurance for provisional licence drivers available if you compare deals available through multiple insurers comparing deals available through car insurance providers in the hope of finding the best deals on the market. 


Pick the right car

The model of car you choose can have a major bearing on the cost of car insurance for provisional licence holders. Every car is assigned to a car insurance group numbered between one and fifty with cars in group one generally being the cheapest to insure. 
This is calculated by looking at the overall performance and security features on the vehicle and hence the likelihood of accidents or theft occurring. The cost of repairs will also be taken into account. You should therefore check the car insurance group of any car you are considering buying to ensure that cover will be affordable.Try to keep any modifications to a minimum too. Making performance enhancing modifications such as the addition of spoilers or alloy wheels could substantially bump up the cost of car insurance cover, and so should be avoided wherever possible.  Security-enhancing modifications, however, such as alarms and immobilisers can make premiums cheaper, as they reduce the chances of your car being stolen.  



Fake car insurance websites

target young drivers


The fake website scams get worst ! we are now hearing about fake car insurance websites ripping off young drivers by selling them cheap car insurance policies that are effectively worthless.

Check if your vehicle is on the Motor Insurance Database today...

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Master Cover has received hundreds of calls from Driving Instructors asking where their pupils can get cheap insurance. Well, they have been listening and are very pleased to announce that they can now offer a fantastic 12 month deal on their car insurance. Call Freephone

0800 731 3378  or 0208 236 3600  
Make sure you quote your Unique Reference Number:101639





Learner Insurance is our tailor made product for provisional drivers, helping you get the much needed private practice you need while giving you the assurance that you’re fully covered in a way that doesn’t risk your parents’ No Claims Bonus.

Our New Driver Insurance uses clever black box technology to help you develop safer driving skills when you pass your test (which you will do!). And because it helps you prove you can be a lower risk, it could help save you £100s or £1,000s on your premiums.

Cars for Young Drivers combines our black box technology with great deals on newer, safer cars, including up to £3,000 cashback on brand new cars.  With this deal we could help you make big savings in your first year of driving, whilst keeping you safer on the roads.

So, now you know a bit about us, why not find out which of our three products will suit you and take a look around the rest of the website?




Bought by Many

"... We know from our own family and friends that the vast majority of young drivers are not boy racers, but are in fact safe and responsible. And it's for these young drivers that we've created this group. We've come up with a solution that will create cheaper car insurance for young drivers, without any punishing restrictions."



Our short-term comprehensive policy requires you to be supervised at all times by a qualified driver who is aged 25 and under 72 with a full UK or EU driving licence for over 3 years to accompany you for tuition purposes only.The car must already be insured by the owner, as our insurance policy is issued in the name of the learner driver as a 'top-up' cover, so as not to affect the No Claims Bonus of the car owner's in the event of a damage claim. 



Buying a new Car

It is a daunting task even for people with experience


Find a trustworthy seller

The next thing you'll need to do (especially if buying a used car) is decide whether to go with a dealer or a private seller.

Buying from a private seller could be cheaper, but using a reputable car dealer is a safer way to buy a car. The key difference between dealer and private is the protection you get from the law when buying from a dealer. If anything goes wrong with your vehicle, you'll have fewer legal consumer rights with a private sale.




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