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1 Lessons arrangements


 a) The pupil, if under 21, is authorized to be accompanied by someone , aged 21 years old or over in the vehicle on the first lesson only.


 b) The instructor will pick up and drop off the pupil at a pre-arranged location and will not have more than 1 pupil in the car at any time.


 c)The lesson fee will be paid by the end of the lesson, either by cash or Bank Transfer.

The instructor will provide a receipt when requested.


 d) Exceptional situations:


Drink Driving - Research by road safety charity Brake found that one in five drivers admit to driving the morning after they drank the night before. There’s no fail-safe way to guarantee all the alcohol you’ve drunk has left your system, so it’s important not to take risks. When you are under the influence of alcohol at any level, the skills you need when you’re driving, such as hand eye coordination, are impaired to some extent. You’re more likely to have an accident.

“As well as the Legal Reasons, there are common sense reasons: you don’t want to

be out on the road and putting yourself and others at risk."


 If your instructor has reasons to believe that you have been drinking within the last 7 hours previous to your lesson the full fee for the lesson Must be paid and will be cancelled.

 2 Lesson cancellations:


 a) Although your Driving Instructor will make every effort to arrive at the lesson start time the very nature of his work means that events arising from traffic, weather and other situations which are outside of his control may mean that he has to occasionally rearrange or cancel lessons at short notice.


 b) If the pupil wants to cancel a lesson they will have to do so 24 hours before the lesson.Failing to do so the pupil has to pay for the full time that the lesson would have lasted originally


 3 Driving Test cancellations:


 a) On the Driving Test day the instructor will verify that the pupil is in possession of all the relevant documents. However, if any documents are missing, the test will be cancelled and the pupil will lose the fee paid to the DSA.

The full fee for a 2 hours lesson needs to be paid to the instructor and the pupil will have to rebook and pay for a new test.


 b) claim out-of-pocket expenses - Find out what happens when your test is cancelled by the DVSA here


 c) If the pupil has the test voided due to instructor fault, i.e.:

Mechanical breakdown, vehicle not test/drive safe, instructor being late, vehicle not road legal, the instructor has to pay the pupil for a new test and will not charge the test fee


 d) Very rarely and in the interest of Road Safety, the instructor may withhold the use of the car for the driving test if, in the opinion of the instructor, a pupil is not able to control the car safely. The instructor will notify the pupil in plenty of time for the test date to be changed or for the pupil to make a different arrangement.


 General terms:


 a) Any contracts for tuition are between you and your Instructor.


 b) In the event of block bookings and intensive courses Full payment must be made in advance on

    the first lesson.


 Any lessons paid for in advance must be completed within 6 months of the initial payment date, after   this period they will be classed as canceled and non refundable.

 If you require a refund before the 6 months expiry date, a 20% administration fee of the remaining   balance will be charged.

 All our package deals' cannot be used in conjunction with any other block booking or intensive



 c) During lessons your instructor will ensure that you always drive obeying the UK

 Highway Code however, it is your responsibility as well to respect Red traffic Lights, Speed   cameras, Bus lanes operating times or other driver errors. Fail to do so you could be made   liable and charged with a penalty charge and/or points added to your Licence and your details   passed on to the Authorities.


 d) Very Important If any of the above described on (c) happens during your Driving Test your details will be passed on to the respective Authorities when and if required.



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